Apollo 11 Film Magazine Asset

3D ARTIST | Self-Directed Project | Maya, Substance


As a personal skill-strengthening project, I modeled and textured an Apollo 11 Film Magazine asset in 2018 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing. The viewport below is interactive - feel free to tap/click and drag to view the model. You can also check it out directly on Sketchfab.

Below are some close-up images of the asset.

Here's what the original item looks like, from the National Air and Space Museum's site:

Now that I'm a few years out from this project (made in 2018), I can see a number of opportunities for this model to be improved and match the original asset more closely. That said, this was a helpful skill-strengthening project at the time. Plus, it gave me a chance to use Substance for a more realistic approach rather than stylized.