PRINCIPAL ARTIST | Dev: Freeform Labs | Publisher: MANDTVR | Unity | PC VR


Craftmas is a virtual winter wonderland where anyone can create their own colorful 3D ornaments, decorate a tree, and take pictures to share their festive world. Whether you wish to build a simple snowman or a masterfully-engineered sleigh, Craftmas gives you the easy-to-use tools to get creative in 3D. Built for first-time VR users as well as experienced early-adopters, the Creation Station features both Easy and Advanced modes. We created Craftmas to share our love for VR with friends and family - and now, the broader community - in a way that brings everyone together.

This was a quick development project - the demo was made independently in late 2015, and we developed the main experience in mid-late 2016. Unfortunately, the final release of the project was dropped after the publisher pivoted away from this time of VR content. The project is still available as an Early Access release on Steam. Although it never had the chance to get polished up in the way we had hoped, it ended up being a really fun experience at holiday parties with friends, families, and industry peers.

As the Co-Designer and Principal Artist of the project, I handled the following:

  • Collaborated on original idea and game design with Max Pixel

  • Created 3D assets - Including the birch-tree themed creation station, pine tree, default ornaments, and ornament hooks.

  • Textured 3D assets - Including the bucket and bow, crate, staion handles, and snowy landscape.

  • Modified logo - emphasized color richness and material

  • Created Steam page content - Captured, designed, and edited for various sections (banner, icon, and gallery).

  • Showcased the game at various events, including industry holiday parties