Final Space: The Rescue

TECH ARTIST | Dev: Grab Games | UE4 | Quest 2


Freeform Labs, Inc. collaborated with Grab Games to bring the world of Final Space to life in a stylized co-op VR shooter game! We primarily consulted on and participated in the optimization of the project to meet the Quest 2's requirements, while also contributing to the art/tech development of the game. Additionally, I developed many of the VFX in the game (my personal favorites: exploding alien bug, and boss teleportation), keeping in mind both style and performance. It was great being able to participate in the development of another game with Grab, too.

Official game description: "The Final Space universe has expanded to VR! Join Gary, Avocato, Nightfall, and Tribore as they embark on a brand new journey to rescue their dear friend from the clutches of a new, but familiar, threat. Take on this shooter adventure solo or online with up to 3 friends! Use your arsenal of weapons to reign supreme and show the galaxy who's boss."

The following play-through video by Marvelman316 features the boss battle of Chapter 3 (spoilers!). It shows many of the VFX (particles & materials), implementations, and optimizations that I provided for the project. Some of my favorites: the teleportation beams, STVN's fire/explosion damage, alien splatters, gun muzzle flashes & projectiles, shield materials, and the reload VFX.