Flight Fight

TECH ARTIST | Dev: Allegory XR | UE5 | Quest 3


In late 2023, I joined up with the Allegory XR team to help them out with some tech-art tasks prior to their Early Access release on Meta's App Lab.

My work was targeted, with tight schedules. I delivered a new HUD/vignette material, revamped projectile trails, and the optimization of an existing particle system.

Here's a visual breakdown of the original explosion VFX (left column), and the optimized VFX (right). Getting this to be performant while keeping the overall visual required a combination of in-depth material changes paired with emitter modifications and subtle deletions.

I created game's damage vignette, which pops up for a bit after the prey player has been hit by a predator's projectile. Allegory XR provided the base image; from there, I authored the relevant parent material (complete with organized and tool-tipped material instance controls), and then implemented the vignette into the game using blueprints.

I also authored a new Niagara system for the projectiles, upgrading them from single-color mesh cylinders to multi-color trails that followed the shot's arc.

My primary non-art task was writing up some technical onboarding documentation for the team.

Folks in the beta have likened the game to gorilla-tag-but-flying, and seem to have a lot of fun! If you have a Quest 3 or Quest Pro, you can try out the new MR mode as of November 2023.