Knockout League: MR Update

TECH ARTIST | Dev: Grab Games | UE5 | Quest 3


In 2023, I was brought back onto the Knockout League project as a Tech Artist. My focus was the replacement of the original Cascade particles with shiny new (and optimized) Niagara systems, while boosting the overall visual fidelity of the effects. Technical and aesthetic adjustments were made, so that the VFX would read well in both VR and the new MR/AR mode supported by this release.

The hit visuals have been updated in this release. Matching the team's concept art, I created the parent material, Niagara particles, data assets, blueprint example. I provided those assets, along with thorough documentation on how the system was meant to work, to the relevant engineer.

My primary responsibility in recreating the intro and attack VFX for a variety of the characters, replacing Cascade particles with new higher-fidelity Niagara systems.

I really enjoyed rejoining the team for this exciting update!

If you have a Quest 3 or Quest Pro, you can try out the new MR mode as of November 2023.