Knockout League: Port

TECH ARTIST | Dev: Grab Games | UE4 | Quest 1


Freeform Labs, my company, was hired by Grab Games in 2019 to assist in porting their popular VR title Knockout League from PC VR to Oculus Quest (mobile VR). We worked closely with Grab Games' team to modify and optimize the title while retaining much of its original look and feel. Our work was accepted by Keywords QA, passed Oculus’ stringent performance testing, and was successfully shipped on time for its scheduled release. Much of the work I did was focused on analyzing, replacing, editing, and restructuring scene assets - and creating documentation for the team.

Each scene and fight was thoroughly profiled, so that as much visual fidelity could be retained as possible. Characters, VFX, scene models, materials, and more were all modified to run well on Q2.