Space Force 2099

HEAD OF VIRTUAL ART DEPARTMENT | 48 Hr Film Fest 2019 | UE4 | Film


In the spirit of collaborating with industry peers on something fun, I joined a team to make a virtual production short film for 2019's 48Hr Film Project event. We collaborated in-person at Fonco Studios in Los Angeles, and submitted the first-ever non-live-action short film to the festival: "Space Force 2099." It's a ridiculous comedy short film set in Space. Due to the intense time constraint (truly 48 hours from empty project with no prompt, to an exported render), there are some very obvious rough-edges to the final result. It was an absolute hustle, and a lot of fun.

As Head of the Virtual Art Department, I managed a small team of artists to kitbash and create the sets, lighting, in-engine materials. Within just the first few hours of meeting the team, I had lead the charge to organize our pipeline, delegated roles to specific artists based on their skills and interests, established how we'd track tasks (classic kanban with post-its!), and worked with folks to implement assets into the scenes. I also handled the cross-department communications, working directly with the mocap and story leads to determine what they needed our art to support.