1981 Grignolino Wine Asset

3D ARTIST | Self-Directed Project | Maya, Substance


As a personal skill-strengthening project, I modeled and textured a bottle of 1981 Luigi Bosca Grignolino wine in early 2024. The viewport below is interactive - feel free to tap/click and drag to view the model. You can also check it out directly on Sketchfab.

I wanted to brush up on my modeling and more-realistic PBR techniques, so I started digging through my travel photos for something interesting as reference and inspiration. A photo from my travels in Italy stuck out: a collection of wine bottles, dusty as ever, lined up on a shelf. I figured that the variety of materials - glass, paper, metallic foil, dust - would be an interesting exploration.

Everything was created from the ground-up: modeling and UV unwrapping in Maya, textures in Substance, and stamps (label, foil) in Photoshop. This took about a week (intermittent) to make.