TECH ARTIST | Dev: Thirdverse US | UE4 | Quest 2


Freeform Labs collaborated with an international team of industry veterans to develop a stylized co-op 5v5 hero shooter game, designed for VR from the ground-up. We were involved with the project from it's early team-building days, through to its successful Early Release in 2023.

I was the team's primary technical artist, but my role grew as I worked closely with the team's VP, producer, and Art Director. I became part of the team's glue, and enjoyed my hybrid responsibilities. Here's a list of the ways in which I contributed to the project:

  • Provided feasibility and scheduling input to VP, Art Director, and Producer, including bringing their attention to dependency issues and concerns between departments

  • Advised studio leads on pipelines, software, and best practices for art

  • Lead the review and implementation of art assets; checked for issues, reported to Art Director & outsourcing studio; made draw overs, review videos, and/or direct fixes

  • Authored extensive documentation on technical and art systems

  • Developed project naming conventions, asset organization, and material conventions

  • Handled the hiring, on-boarding, and training of a VFX artist, UI artist, and tech artist

  • Managed VFX artist and tech artist: planning, task creation, deliverable reviews

  • Created and modified materials/shaders, VFX, and blueprints in-engine

  • Collaborated with environment, tech, and VFX artists to optimize art for multiplayer VR

  • Established team communication methods that drastically improved cross-department information-sharing; the studio has continued to use these practices for multiple years

Captures of my work while on the X8 team

X8 featured at Meta Connect 2023

X8 Tournament 2023